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Green Accounting

Green accounting. The stakeholders in Lotus Amity believe in operating an environmentally sustainable business leaving little or no footprint. The policies in place to minimise the environmental footprint include:

  • Limiting travel to foot, bike or public transport
  • Working with environmentally sustainable, locally based vendors
  • Using cloud-based technology to offer a virtual, paperless service
  • Using virtual meeting technology to avoid unnecessary travel
  • Recycling all plastics, glass, and metal
  • Eliminating the use of single-use disposable plastic items, such as plastic bags, cups, straws, and bottles
  • Composting and worm farming biodegradable materials, such as paper, card and organic waste
  • Using non-toxic janitorial and kitchen products
  • Primarily a paperless office, all documents stored in the cloud
  • Restricting printing to only essential items and using double-sided, low ink printing
  • Using recycled office supplies, such as recycled paper
  • Refilling and reusing ink cartridges
  • Safely disposing of e-waste
  • Monitoring and recording energy usage with targets
  • Sourcing 100% of energy from low impact renewable sources
  • Using high energy star appliances, automatic sleep modes, natural lighting, LEDs and no air conditioning
  • No animal products used in the business

Lotus Amity bank with Bank of Australia.  Bank of Australia is a customer-owner, carbon neutral bank that invests to create positive social and environmental change. The bank doesn’t lend to the fossil fuel industry and loans are to subject to a responsible investment policy. As a customer with Bank of Australia, we are part-owner in a conservation reserve.

We are committed to community engagement that environmentally sustainable


Green accounting. Ethical Accounting. Sustainable accounting.

Green Accounting

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