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Why Lotus Amity?

ˈləʊtəs amɪti/ – Lotus Amity

The lotus is a symbol of clarity. The lotus grows from the mud through the murky water and rises to flower cleanly in the sunshine. Amity is based on the Latin amicus, which means friend and mutual understanding.

The three core elements of Lotus Amity are:

  • Analysis: We carefully analyse, examine and investigate an organisation
  • Clarity: Having analysed the numbers we are then able to clearly assess the financial position of the organisation. With that clarity, we can make informed financial and strategic decisions
  • Value: From analysis and clarity, we ultimately want to create value. This value could be through resolving a dispute or selling a business. It could also be value through expansion, either organic growth or raising finance and acquisition.

 “OK. But why should I use Lotus Amity?”

We strive to provide the best valuation and forensic reports, by which we mean the reports are transparent, easy to follow, logical, technically correct, comprehensive and fully supportable.

Quite simply. We seek to provide Financial Clarity!

Who are Lotus Amity?

Lotus Amity was founded by Simon Cook. Prior to founding Lotus Amity, he was a Forensic Accounting and Corporate Finance partner with BDO Australia and led their national forensic practice. He has worked as a forensic director for a major offshore forensic accounting practice which included assisting in multi-billion-dollar litigation in relation to the largest Bernie Madoff feeder fund. He has also held senior management positions with Deloitte and Crowe Horwath.

Simon has assisted in many legal matters, including transaction disputes, damages claims, shareholder disputes and matrimonial matters. Forensic services provided include risk and quantum assessment, valuations, investigations and interpretation of financial information. He has acted as an expert witness and as a shadow expert and assisted in mediations.

Lotus Amity is a firm of Brisbane Chartered Accountants. The practice holds a Certificate of Public Practice with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand. Lotus Amity specialises in forensic accounting and business valuations.

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Why Lotus Amity?

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